The Mega Manifestation Bundle


The Mega Manifestation Bundle


Did you love my Egyptian Sunrise blend, crafted exclusively for Goddess Provisions? If so, you’re going to adore the Manifestation Collection. I loved Egyptian Sunrise with all of my heart and knew I wanted to keep it around some way but it wasn’t complete. So I went back to the drawing board and amped up its power a bit to create a blend that is pure manifestation energy. The Manifestation collection features my tried and true ingredients for manifestation, all blended together. Ingredients like citrine, lemon, jasmine, sunstone, and my favorite oil of the moment, copaiba balsam; a honey like scent that provides a clear pathway to success. This line is so perfect for setting intentions and getting what you want and its just in time for summer.

This set has everything you need to bring your manifestations to life. Begin by setting your intentions in a super relaxing bath with Manifestation Foaming Bath Salts Infused With Citrine & Sunstone. Setting your intentions in a relaxed setting, without distractions is the best way to send your intentions out into the universe without doubt or fear. Then use Manifestation - body & ritual oil as your daily intention refresher. It nourishes the body and become a little daily reminder of your goals. Use Manifestation - Citrine & Sunstone Mist to infuse your space with the energy of your intention and finally, roll on Manifestation - Citrine & Sunstone Infused Perfume to make sure your intentions are with you all day long.

Each bottle of mist, perfume, and foaming bath salts has citrine and sunstone chips, and the body + ritual oil is the power increasing ray of gold. Use these ultra powerful tools to set your intentions and to support you as you receive intuitive guidance and the motivation needed to call in your desires.

set contains:

- (1) 2oz Manifestation - Citrine & Sunstone Mist

- (1) 2oz Manifestation - body & ritual oil

- (1) Manifestation - Citrine & Sunstone Infused Perfume

- (1) 4oz Manifestation - Foaming Bath Salts Infused With Citrine & Sunstone

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