Selenite Crystal Intention Earrings

Selenite Earrings Spirit Element
Selenite Earrings Spirit Element

Selenite Crystal Intention Earrings


Chakra: Soul Star | Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer | Goddess: Selene

Selenite has one of the highest vibrations found within the crystal kingdom and puts spiritual growth on hyper-speed. It does not hold negative energy and can be used to clear energy from other gemstones, people, objects, and spaces. It’s especially nice for the home. Placing selenite around a room to form what is known as a grid, makes the space a safe container that will protect it’s inhabitants from negativity.

Selenite also calls in harmony for oneself and for relationships. It is an ideal stone to give to a partner or friend. Additionally, selenite is said to help in the pursuit of material desires and help entrepreneurs make profits.

CAUTION. Selenite can desolve when wet and should avoid liquids.

  • (1) pair of genuine gemstone earrings

  • Stainless steel backs

  • Nickel Free

  • Packaged in protective plastic cover

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