Moonstone Crystal Perfume

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Moonstone Crystal Perfume



The Crystal Collection is a tribute to the humble beginnings of my spiritual roots. It takes me back to a time before the big crystal boom when I worked at one of the very first online crystals stores and discovered the hundreds of shapes and shades found in the crystal kingdom. This collection is my return home to crystal energy. A reminder that crystals always have something to teach me. Enjoy!

Moonstone crystal perfume came about after making Full Moon crystal mist. The heavenly blend of palo santo, ginger and jasmine was so delicious that I had to have it in perfume form. This scent has become my favorite fragrance of all time. What I love most is that it also features vanilla, a scent known to draw love your way.

Moonstone Crystal Perfume is a calming blend of botanical oils chosen for their energetic connection to setting healing, inspiration, well-being, nurturing, and personal power.

Ingredient Vibrations

Moonstone - This stone has a strong nurturing & loving quality. It opens the heart & encourages the expression of love. According to legend, moonstone protects those who travel at night or on the open water.

Palo Santo - also known as holy wood, palo santo is used to clear negative energy while restoring tranquility, grounding and healing. Additionally, palo santo invites good fortune, positivity, and love into your space and aura.

Ginger Grass - A purifying oil that is especially ideal for emotional release. It stimulates well-being and is commonly added to blends to increase personal power. Additionally, ginger is added to moon blends to promote success.

How to Use: For the most long lasting scent, apply to delicate, sensual areas of the body such as the wrists, behind knees, the collarbone, breasts and behind the ears. 

10 mL glass bottle.

Contains a blend of 100% essential oils and/ or plant essences/extracts blended with base of fractionated coconut, grape seed and vitamin E oils. Each bottle contains moonstone crystals. Alcohol Free. 

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