We have certain rules that we strive to live by. These are principles that help us to be better people, to have compassion for life and others and, to always be on our most authentic path. I created these principles for myself and then shared them with my team as a place of grounding and support. Now I share them with you, in hopes that they inspire you to find your happiness.  - Love Lorriane


Mystic: a person who claims to attain, or believes in the possibility of attaining, insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine or immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy.


A person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.



A Mystic’s job is first and foremost to honor their own individual truths. One cannot aid others by pretending to be something he is not. Mystics never sacrifice their sense of authenticity or integrity for the comfort of another. They honor who they are and make no attempts to pass judgement of others seeking to do the same.



To be a Mystic is to be a leader. That doesn’t always mean leading a large group of people although a mystic will often find himself doing just that.  He knows that leadership is expressed by being the example. He practices what he preaches and holds true to his beliefs while leaving room to contemplate diverse perspectives, knowing full well that his own point of view may be disconfirmed.  



Mystics know that communication is the building block for all successful relationships. They listen before they talk, speak frankly and take all sides into consideration before making judgements. They are  honest with themselves as well as those around them and will make no attempts to hide flaws. Instead, they see each interaction as a chance to learn, grow, find acceptance and to gain trust in others.



Mystics have extremely high standards because they do not believe in limitations. They believe in their ability to transcend what is thought to be possible. They strive for excellence beyond the expectations of most and will always demand the same of those working by their side.



Just because we have done something for a long time does not mean we should continue to do so.  A Mystic understands that the universe is in a constant state of creation and we are the vehicles in which innovation is born. They find inspiration all around them and never shy away from a chance to manifest something new; knowing that their vision may not be immediately understood or accepted. In fact it is in those times, that they strive to create even more.



Mystics have great judgement because they trust fully in their intuition. They do not second guess themselves. They know they are equipped with the power of inner knowing and they honor that truth at all times.


Self - Discovery and Evaluation

Mystics know that their learning is never done. They are constantly assessing and looking for ways to improve themselves. They stay curious and act on all chances to explore something new and different.  A true Mystic acknowledges that they are never the master and always the student.



“Thank you” are the Mystic’s favorite words. They stay prepared to show appreciation even in situations that are less than desirable. They know that many things are fleeting, especially material possessions, so they start and end each day in state of gratitude; being sure to never take anything for granted.  



Mystics are empowered and will challenge authority when they feel it is needed. They have great conviction and will put their morals before their sense of comfort or social cohesion. However, they know that the collective is more powerful than the individual and seek to find ways to empower others to find their own courage, beliefs and sense of leadership.



A Mystic knows that in order to change the world, one must first change his perspective. They look beyond what is put in front of them and seek to find beauty in all things, people and situations.


Fearlessness and Action

Results favor the brave. Mystics are never afraid to take calculated risks. They do not wait for others to do things for them and they make bold decisions in a timely matter.



A Mystic dreams. They allow themselves room to imagine all possibilities and are always focusing on a bigger picture. They seek to build things that are bigger themselves and to look to their imagination to find creative ways to solve problems and deliver bigger results.


The Collective

A Mystic seeks out the talented and the wise. They look for people who possess qualities and abilities that they do not and have no need to prove their superiority to another. They understand that each new connection is an opportunity for both parties to learn, grow and to create.