Who are you? New Moon

You are a manifesting deck that will help to bring my deepest desires into form from the void. You help to fade the distractions of reality and to replace them with my goals that have been hiding in the abyss. You as a deck are about helping me and my clients to come into alignment with these goals and to honor them right now, in this moment.

Who am I to you? Holi

I am a being that needs to connect with my inner child. I need to find joyfulness in life and not to take things too seriously. I am learning to celebrate life and to love without worry of being hurt or without the need to have something in return.

Your strengths as a deck


You work off of my energy and when I make a move, you provide guidance to honor it. When my energy is positive, so is yours and the same when my energy is negative. Your strength is to show me a mirror of myself and to remind me that what I give is what i’ll get.


Additionally, you are great at helping me to sow my seeds and manifest those goals that you illuminate for me. You that focusing on a seed is the fuel for it to grow and thrive. You have all of the elements needs to move my goals along and to help them come to the surface.

Your limitations as a deck: Meditate

You are limited when I cannot come to you with a focus mind. You aren’t always able to tap into my energy when I am full of mind chatter and distractions. For you to work properly, I will need to come to you with a silent calmness that allows you to reach deep down into the places that are covered and hidden by ego.

What I can learn from you? Kali

Your lesson is the liberation from ego. You are here to teach me how to destroy my ego and to create a rebirth from the ashes. You bring the message of clearing our illusions and destructive behaviors that are keeping me from achieving my goals.

What is the best way to work with you? Soul Star

You need be to have more than a quiet mind. It is best to work with you when I am able to connect to the divine, the higher dimensions and my higher self. You gain your guidance through my connected to divine wisdom and the soul star, where the akashic records can be found. You readings will be best when I am able to come to you with a fully integrated self.

Outcome of our relationshipMuladhara

We will have a stable and grounded relationship. Everything that comes from our readings will  feel comforting and safe. It will be as though both of our needs will be met when working with each other. We will provide exactly what is needed to each other in a way that lets us know we are right where we need to be.

This deck was limited edition and is no longer available for purchase.