Interview With a Deck: Animal Kin Oracle

Who are you?

Praying Mantis (patience)

You are a deck that waits for the right moment to pass along information. You aren’t aggressive until you need to be and you will stay muted until you  know your message can be heard without fail. You have expert vision into the spirit realm and you can adapt easily to any environment you’re in. This makes you a great deck to use with other people because you have no problem fitting into the crowd.


Who am I to you?

Wombat (exploration)

This card suggests that I am seeking innovative techniques through you. I am have subconsciously chosen you as a way to try new things and to explore new energies. This is mostly for the purpose of self exploration and personal growth. You know that I come to you seeking guidance for myself and for others. The solitary nature of a wombat tell me that although you are adaptable, you might be best suited as a personal deck for me alone.


Your strengths as a deck

Swan (harmony)

You are simply harmonious. Everything about you flows and weaves together as though it were all in divine order. Everything from the imagery, to the meanings and the way you present yourself is working together in a dance of balance that allows you to always give what is needed. You are peaceful but not to the point that you are all love and light. You have the power and understanding to guide my light and my shadow self.


Your limitations as a deck

Chameleon (energy)

What really stood out to be here is how a chameleon changes its color. This leads me to think that you really change your energy based on your environment which would be me or my clients. You are limited to the energy that we bring to you. If we are sad, your colors might reflect that. If we are happy, your message may be more upbeat and friendly.


What I can learn from you?

Beetle (purity)

You are here to teach me a lesson that is hitting me fast and hard these days. The lesson of clearing and cleansing out my shit. Out with the old and in with the new, like the beetle who is constantly renewing themselves and keeping it moving. This lesson has been difficult for years now but I’m now at a point where spirit has given me no choice and the appearance of this card is further confirmation.


*As a side note, beetles have been appearing in my life a lot these past couple of weeks.


What is the best way to work with you?

Crab (trust)

You require trust from me in order for your messages to be clear and honest. I have to trust that you are here for my growth and that you will always do your best to deliver messages in a way that will guide me and move me forward. Crab is reminder that protecting myself is a part of life but with you, I need to let down some of my shell and approach you with vulnerability.


Outcome of our relationship

Frog (healing)

I couldn’t have wanted a better card. Our relationship is a vehicle for healing and of course renewal. Frog teaches us to wash away things that no longer serves us and to use the purification of water energy to go further than we ever have before. Our relationship is about support; having someone or thing that will be with us as we heal and will comfort us every step of the way.

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