Interview With a Deck: Conscious Spirit Oracle

Just to let you know, I’ve had this deck for a very long time, but I’ve never done an interview. She and I have gotten along quite well but I do like for my decks to tell me their personality. To some they are inanimate objects but to most tarot readers, they have a voice and a soul. Each and every deck that I use is different and I felt like I would be cheating this deck if I didn’t include her in this series. My hope in sharing my interviews, is that you too, will learn to listen to your decks. That you will treat them with respect and honor their hard work. I suggest interviewing your deck when it’s brand new or whenever you feel as though messages aren’t clear. It might be that the deck feels disrespected or like you don’t really know them or hear what they have to say.

Who are you?

Celebrate Life

You are my second deck that is all about living life to the fullest. You like to become one with all of Earth, all of life, and all of everything beyond what I know as a human being. You are the embodiment of honoring Earth Mother and your messages come through with a rich connection to Earth and Spirit. Above all, you like to enjoy yourself and you are not a deck to take things too seriously.

Who am I to you?


How sweet. You are grateful for my presence in your life (I feel weird writing this about myself, so I’ll keep this one short). You are grateful for me and my energy and the experiences that I bring.

Your strengths as a deck

Moon Goddess

So beautiful. Your strength is the lesson of life’s cycles. You move in cycles as we work together. Like the moon, the oceans and all life, you have phases. You ebb and flow with each card that I draw from you. You do not force things that are not ready to come to life. You move with my energy and present things that I am ready to receive. That doesn’t mean you are always nice, but you are always what I need.

Your limitations as a deck

Earth Element

You are a very Earthy deck and many of your messages are very grounded and earth based. That isn’t to say you aren’t deeply connected to spirit. You’re more of a guide in how to ground spiritual consciousness. How to bring this energy into the more restricted forms of the physical plane.

What I can learn from you?

Root Chakra

For me, you bring a lesson of learning to find stability, self confidence and above all, a sense of belonging. I don’t always feel like I belong here, in fact, I almost never do. I do know there is a place for me here, but I forget. With you, I am reminded that I have a right to be here. I have a right to feel safe and secure. I have instincts that will guide me all the days that I exist in this realm. I will come to see this more and more as we work together.

What is the best way to work with you?

Sacred Space

I really love that. This card lets me know that readings outside of a sacred space with you are a no no! You are a sacred tool and you demand to be treated as such. Readings with you will be the most clear when done in a special space that is free from negative or busy energy. That is clear and pure, decorated with crystals, plants and other elemental tools. You will be at peace when you are surrounded with beauty.

Outcome of our relationship


Our relationship will bring about a mind, body and soul integration within me. Our connection will be harmonious, peaceful and inspiring. Working with you will be like coming home. You are a place of comfort for me and I for you.

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