Interview With a Deck: Chakra Mindset Balance Oracle Cards

Deck Interview

July 23, 2016

Deck: Chakra Mindset Balance Oracle Cards

Hello Moon Babes. This is the first of my "Interview with a deck" series where I will be getting to know my decks and sharing that experience with you. Interviewing my decks has become one of my favorite things to do. I learn so much from them this way and really get an understanding of their personality. I hope you enjoy this look inside my personal relationship with my decks and I invite you to get to learn your decks as well. 

Who are you? Playful

You’re all about enjoying life and allowing yourself to be free. Everything is a gift to you and you are here to give me the joy of life.

Who am I to you? Pure Bliss

I am a being who is learning to find the bliss in all things. I’m learning to be grateful for what I have and finding that love comes from deep within me and not my others or the things that are around me. To you, I radiate intoxicating energy and positivity that you love to feed on.

Your strengths as a deck? Shame

You have a gift for moving my energy past shame and regret. You know how to make someone dig deep and to let go of that energy that keeps them stuck in one spot. Your greatest strength is your ability to show others that shame is choice and you give the gift of choosing to let it go.

Your limitations as a deck? Third Eye Chakra

You are a wonderful tool to have but you can only work when I trust my own intuition. You are not an aggressive deck, rather you feed off of me. You only show me what I’m allowing to come through my own intuition.

What I can learn from you? Loved

You have come into my life to teach me how to love myself, to love others and to find acceptance in my relationship to all things. You are here to help me open my heart that has been closed for so long. You may be about all of the chakras but the biggest lesson you have to teach is Love and the heart.

What is the best way to work with you? Forgiving

Learning to forgive myself and others is the best way to come to your table. You will provide the best answers when I can come to you without the emotional baggage that anger and hurt brings. You are playful and carefree so any negative emotions that I have when using you will quickly bring you down. You need me to work with you when I’m in a happy place.

Outcome of our relationship? 


What a sweet notion. Together we will find a sense of oneness and understanding. We belong together and will work effortlessly as a pair; feeding off of each other's energy.


Our relationship is will greatly evolve my spirituality because you are here to help me find and honor my own path. You are here to guide me in ways that open me up to the divine and the bigger picture. Our relationship will help me to find peace and to let my soul shimmer.

Thank you Chakra Mindset for the role that you will play in nourishing my spirit.

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