July's New Products

Hi there mystics! 

If you've read the welcome letter, you're aware that new products will be coming to the shop at the beginning of every month and that I love to share about the process. Every month, I'll be sharing a post about the month's theme and why I selected it. Furthermore, I'll be describing the products a little more in detail for no other reason than to invite you to become a part of the process. 

Raising Your Vibrations

Summer is finally here and everyone is looking for fun in the sun. It's a time to be happy and to live life to the fullest. To honor this energy, I've made products that are all about clearing away bad juju and raising your vibrations. The featured collection for this month is the Good Juju Body Smudge collection. A series of bath and body products that clear away dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and renewed while smudging away negative energy, leaving your spirit cleansed and vibing high. 

First up is the Good Juju high vibration spray. I'm very sensitive to smoke and I can't always clear my house with sage and palo santo but I wanted to hold the energy of those powerful tools. So I created a spray made with MPC in house distilled white sage water. You get the benefit of a smoke free zone while utilizing all of the cleansing power of white sage. A great sage option for on the go or where so is prohibited. Inside each bottle, you'll find 3 sage leaves, a small piece of palo santo and a quartz point to keep the energy charged. 

In addition to the spray, I've created Good Juju smudging scrub; a salt and sugar scrub blended with white sage powder and grape seed oil (like quartz, it can be programmed). As well as Good Juju bathing smudge. A blend of apple cider vinegar, salt, palo santo, white sage and orange. It's a super easy way to clear the energy of the day just by adding a few tablespoons to a bath. This blend was inspired by a Crystal Healer at Energy Muse. 

Next there's Tarot Divination Spray. As a tarot reader, it's important that I keep my space, my cards and my aura cleansed. I created Tarot to do just that plus to enhance intuition for clearer reads. It's made with MPC in house distilled Mugwort and Patchouli water to get that third eye going. I never do a read without it. 

Last up is Gaia Grains cleansing scrubs. A powdered, non abrasive exfoliate that scrubs away dead skin and fights sun damage. A great option if you plan to spend all day in the sun this summer. It's made with antioxidant green tea leaves and coconut flour to heal and brighten. I'm so excited to finally be releasing this scrub after using it on my own face this whole year. There will be additions to the Gaia collection over the next few months so stay tuned. 

Monthly Subscriptions

You'll also find new monthly subscriptions which I cannot be anymore excited about coming within the next few weeks. You'll now have the option to get a personalized Tarot Reading for the month ahead delivered to your inbox at the beginning of each month. You can selected from love, career and finance, family, a general read or you can select them all. I will personally interpret your cards for you and you'll have them on the first of each month. In addition, I'll be introducing monthly, personalized moon transits. These too will be delivered to your inbox at the first of each month, detailing moon transits and how you are likely to be affected as the moon moves into each sign. This is completely personalized for you! Stay tuned for this subscription soon.