The Number 18 & the Moon

Have you ever noticed a particular symbol, number or theme that seems to be reoccurring?  You can't explain why it is that you continue to see this particular thing so you just assume that it's a coincidence right? Sure, I suppose it could just be a coincidence but truth be told it isn't. What most would call a coincidence is really a synchronicity or what I like to call a wink from the universe. It's a sign that can be good or bad depending on what this symbol represents to you. This post isn't about what a synchronicity is and I'll be sure to touch base on the full theme of a synchronicity at another time. 

This post is about a specific synchronicity that has occurred for much of life and holds dear value to me. It lets me know everything's ok and that I'm heading on the right path. That symbol is the number 18! You're probably thinking "wow, the number 18, big deal". Well yes to me it is a big deal. See I was born on November 18th which happens to be my grandmother's birthday as well. It's always been my favorite number just for this reason alone but it didn't start to mean anything until after my grandmother died which happened to be on the 18th of February. At first that hit me really hard. How could my grandmother die on the day of my favorite number?The number that would connect us forever. Then I realized how much she suffered leading up to her death and decided that it was a blessing that she no longer had to suffer and could enter the world of spirit, of perfection. The number 18 then began to represent salvation. 

I decided to use that number in the title of a new business I was starting (separate from this) that would change my life forever. Things suddenly started to open up and opportunities were coming out of no where. I felt as though my grandmother was smiling down on me and blessing my future. Fast forward to now and deciding to open the Moon Phace Collective. At first it was something that I was passionate about and definitely held special meaning but honestly I was still a little apprehensive that now was the right time. I asked for a sign, wanting to know if I should move forward with this or not? Then I saw a tarot print of the moon card and guess what, the moon is the 18th card in the deck!! I'd never noticed before but there it was staring me right in the face. 

Over the following weeks, I began to see both the number 18 and moons everywhere. I'd see 18 on license plates or i'd look up and the number 18 would be on a building or sign. It seemed to be there no matter where I looked. I would see the moon on TV shows and in magazines. Just kind of hanging in the background for no reason at all. I was getting sign after sign that this was it. This is what I was meant to do. 

The point of me writing this post is to tell you that there are signs all around you. Take the time to just entertain the thought of a coincidence being something more. Does the symbol mean anything to you? Have you been waiting for a sign to confirm something? Could this be the sign you're looking for? Let yourself explore those questions because it very well could be the universe winking at you; telling you you're supported in your dreams and goals. 

Already familiar with synchronicity? Great, I'd love to hear about the signs and symbols that hold meaning for you. Be sure to leave your notes in the comments for us to learn and grow. 

P.S. I just noticed I posted this on the 18th!