Welcome to Moon Phace Collective!

Hello lovely mystics! 

I wanted to write a quick introduction to the Moon Phace Collective to let you know a little bit about this company and what's to come over the next year. I've been working on this idea for well over a year now and to see it finally manifest is truly a blessing and testament to the amazing things that can happen when you honor and work with the energy of the moon. That is the core of MPC. I've come to love the moon over the years, constantly finding new ways to work with her energy and to use it to my advantage. Luna has provided me with a sense of empowerment and beauty that I have only felt so strongly once before when I fell in love with aromatherapy & herbalism. It seemed natural to me that the innate beauty of the moon should be coupled with the healing benefits of herbs and oils to inspire physical beauty as well. 

It would seem the universe has destined me to create products that blend together vanity & spirituality. All things natural and mystic have presented themselves to me in various forms over the past 10 years and it is this experience that I bring to you. For a great portion of that time, I struggled with the feeling of wanting to be beautiful on the outside. Some would saw spirituality isn't about vanity products or working on your appearance. As it goes, true beauty comes from the inside but that doesn't stop us from wanting to like what we see when we look in the mirror. More than that, how we treat our bodies is an extension of how we treat our souls. Taking the time to love and care for the body isn't selfish or vain, but an act of self love and compassion for ourselves. With that said, MPC isn't just an apothecary... It is my deepest wish that MPC will inspire the world to love themselves, to love others, and to feel empowered to honor who they are and to chase whoever it is they wish to become. 


Now you know a little more about MPC. One of the greatest gifts in life is the ability to share with others your hopes and dreams and to invite the world to hold your vision with you. I wish to share so much with you. Here is a look at some of the things that are going on behind the scenes, working hard to make it's way to you. 


New products will be released at the beginning of every month. Each month holds a theme that I feel is appropriate for that period of time and I'll do my best to provide educational material that supports that theme. If you've joined the MPC Tribe, you'll get access to these products before anyone else as well as special offers and sometimes exclusive products that are only available to members. It is free to join and my way of saying thank you to loyal supporters who I hope will become dear friends. 


MPC is growing it's presence on social media every single day. I'll be sharing all sorts of wonderful things on social  like a peak inside my home, videos and photos of how I do what I do and various people that inspire and motivate me. In addition, there will be lots of amazing giveaways. I've already teamed up with several other social media rock stars to give you a chance to win some amazing prizes. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram & to like us on Facebook to get access to the great things we'll share. 

Plus, MPC will be joining YouTube this summer. I can't wait to start sharing all kinds of videos with you like tarot spreads and decks; beauty routines; behind the scenes footage and a brand new interview series that I am crazy excited about. This series is going to bring some of the coolest people in the world right to your fingertips to share their passions and to inspire you to do great things in your own life. And of course, I'll be teaming up with many of these rad folks to offer exclusive giveaways on the MPC YouTube channel.  


Last but not least, I wanted to let you know that I've teamed up with one of my best friends to write a brand new oracle deck. We're working hard to get this ready for viewing eyes and we'll be sharing every step of the way with you on our social pages.