June's New Products

Hi there mystics! 

If you've read the welcome letter, you're aware that new products will be coming to the shop at the beginning of every month and that I love to share about the process. Every month, I'll be sharing a post about the month's theme and why I selected it. Furthermore, I'll be describing the products a little more in detail for no other reason than to invite you to become a part of the process. 


The grand opening products are general products that I've used for a long time and knew you mystics will come to know and love. The product center around 2 things, the moon and the tides that they affect. The moon products are some of my go to, everyday staples for the body and The Tidal Wave collection was something I concocted last summer to enhance hair texture. 

I'm single and I first made Moon Flowers bath & body oil when I started doing love attraction work. The blend of oils is said to attract both self love and a physical lover. Although I have not found my soul mate, I have found a vast amount of love for myself. More than I ever though possible and I truly believe the process started when I started using this oil. I add it to my bath a couple of times of week and I love to use it as my night body moisturizer. The scent is so heavenly and truth be told, I feel like I'm having a love affair with myself each and every time I wear it. 

I created the Full Moon bathing salts to hold the energy of the moon at it's most powerful phase. This is an inspired blend of salts and oils that promote renewal and transformation. I love using this blend during the full moon to cleanse my body before ritual. The Pink Moon is the first moon of spring... a time that I love. The woodsy smell of the last days of winter couple with the fresh scent of spring is such an exhilarating experience for me and I've found a way to capture it this blend of oils and salts. It's the perfect bath salt to use whenever you need inspiration, growth or a fresh, new beginning. 

Luna Ambiance Spray is something special indeed. I love making room sprays because each and everyone is made with floral and herb waters that I personally distill in my own studio. These waters hold the healing oils of the plants themselves, similar to burning a smudge bundle. They are an excellent space clearing option for those of you, who like me, have bad allergies and can't always tolerate smudging. They also are amazing linen sprays and air fresheners that hold the intention set. Luna was created with mugwort water that I distilled during the day of the full moon and charged under the full moon light. I make a batch of this every month. 

Moon Goddess hair oil is the first product in a line that will make it's official debut in August. This oil is all about long, luscious hair. I wanted to create something that makes you feel like a true goddess of the night. This line is all about seduction and mystery but you'll learn more about this come August. Mystic Mama b&b oil is a sneak peak of a project that I'm working on to inspire divine feminism and female empowerment. 

The moon teas or brews as I like to call them are 100% organic teas that heal the spirit as well as provide a pleasant tea drinking experience. I create my teas based on the metaphysical properties as well as how they heal the body physically. Full Moon Brew, as it's name suggest is about invoking the spirit of the full moon. This is a great tea to drink when doing ritual, seeking peace, honoring an intention that has been fulfilled and for providing strength and vitality. New Moon Brew was crafted to raise your vibrations allowing you to easily attract your  newly set intentions. I like to drink this tea throughout the waxing phase as a reminder of the intentions that I've set during the new moon. It's especially delicious with a bit of honey and milk. 

Finally, there's the Tidal Waves collection. This whole collection is about getting those sought after beachy waves we all know and love. This isn't your typically salty hair product. I've created a specific blend of sea kelp and herbs that contain chlorophyll... a mineral and vitamin rich substance found in extremely green plants. This combination feeds your hair, providing strength, bounce and volume. The oil blend is inspired by the sea herself. It's both refreshing like a splash of salt water and deep like the very depths of the ocean. You'll feel like a siren of the sea in no time.  

I hope you enjoyed this small peak inside the process of how these products came to be. I can't wait to see these posts evolve over the next coming months and I invite you to leave any comments or feedback about what you'd like to see or what you'd like to know about how I do what I do. I'd also love to hear about any products that you'd like to see created. 

Much love & Blessings!

Lorriane, Creatix of MPC