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Review of the Native Heart Healing Oracle

Title: The Native Heart Healing Oracle
Subtitle: Sacred Mandalas for Raising your Vibration
Author: Melanie Ware
Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing
Number of Cards: 42
Pages in Guidebook: 95
Card Size: Traditional Oracle Size
Where to PurchaseAmazonBlue Angel

Top Four Favorite Cards: Soul Star Chakra, Self-Discovery, Earth Star Chakra, White Buffalo.

My Review:

I'm going to start by saying that I pretty much buy all of the new decks from Blue Angel, whether I connect with them or not. They consistently turn out the most amazing decks and while I don't always align with the artwork, I almost always align with the messages. The same can be said with the Native Heart Healing cards. I didn't care for the artwork at first. I'm kind of over the whole "abstract mandala" thing. But I ordered it anyway because it's Blue Angel and I knew I'd get something out of it. 

I'm so happy I ordered this deck. First off, the online images don't do the mandalas justice (I felt the same way Alana Fairchild's Crystal Mandala Oracle). The artwork really is quite beautiful in person. There are all of these little details hidden away that leaves so much to be discovered. I love the idea behind the deck. It's a deck for healing the spirit and lifting your vibrations. It's both grounding and etheric which in my opinion is what everyone needs right now... Balance. It draws from Native American tradition and mixes in sacred geometry and chakra energy. 

The cardstock is a bit thinner than usually. Blue Angel's are usually a nice, thick cardstock but this one is slightly flimsy. It isn't bad but it isn't the best I've ever seen. It will probably bend once or twice. The one thing that I didn't like about the artwork is the borders. The sides of the images are cut off by the obnoxiously large borders which is a shame; but of course, not a deal breaker. 

My favorite thing about these cards are the chakra cards. I love the addition of the Soul Start and Earth Start chakras. You don't see those chakras being talked about much but I feel as though they are more important than the other 7. The Soul Star & Earth Star chakras take you beyond the traditional energy centers to help you rise and ground respectively. These cards were unexpected and I didn't even realize how much I needed this energy in my life at this moment. I plan to use them together for deep meditation which brings me to one more thing to note. Each card includes a short meditation. I've tried two so far and so far so good. I can't wait to go through all of them. 

I think these cards are ideal for anyone wanting to work higher vibrations or energy work in general. I've always seen the Native American  tradition as very grounded because of the deep connection to the Earth. But these cards have opened my eyes to the cosmic energy of the Native American tradition that I am happy to explore. I would recommend these cards to anyone who wants to go beyond the traditional Four Directions and Animal Energy. Those are there too but there is so much more to explore. 

Review of Postcards From Spirit


Title: Postcards From Spirit: A 52 Card Oracle Deck
Author: Colette Baron-Reid
Publisher: Hay House Lifestyles
Number of Cards: 52
Card Size: Traditional Postcard Size
Where to PurchaseAmazon

My Review:

Let me start by saying how much I Love Colette Baron - Reid's oracle decks. She always brings something new and unexpected to her decks which I have come to anticipate every time I purchase a new offering. It's never what I imagined but always exactly what I need. This deck certainly did not disappoint when it comes to thinking outside of the oracle deck box. It's a completely new way to work with oracle cards but I'm not sure if I love it just yet. 

The box is a two piece box that opens at the top. The cards are a bit larger than a normal oracle deck. They're actually the same size as actual postcards which is interesting. I wasn't expecting that at all. The listing didn't have preview photos of the cards so I wasn't sure how much they would resemble a postcard. They even have images of stamps on the front which is pretty cute. They remind me very much of the mixed media craze which I personally love. 

There isn't a guidebook. You may have read in previous posts how much I hate for a deck to be absent a guidebook but in this case, I don't mind. There really isn't a place for one because of how the system works. There is a small pamphlet that explains how the author came up with this idea and how to work with the deck. Be sure to read that part if you get the deck because I think it's really helpful.

Ok, for the cards themselves. I couldn't find any clear titles for the cards. Traditionally you have titles like "Abundance" or "Healing". I thought the titles were on the front of the cards but after going through them, I realized many of those titles were repeated. Then I thought the titles were the closing statements on the back only to find many of those are repeated too. It seems as though these cards aren't meant to have a clear title which is way I didn't include a favorite 3. I wouldn't know how to tell you which ones they are. 

The messages all begin with something like "Dear You". Some say "Dearest", some say "Dear Wonderful You" and so on. The messages are exactly like if a loved one were to drop a postcard in the mail from some far away land. Each message is encouraging and there's a great emphasis on how much spirit is supporting you. I very much felt as though I was reading a message from a passed loved one or spirit guide every time I pulled a card. This deck isn't really meant to do spreads with. I suppose you could but I think they'd best be served as  daily pull cards which I plan to use them as such come the start of November. I'm also going to use them in workshops. I think they would be perfect in a group setting. 

Review of The Fountain Tarot

The Fountain Tarot_Moon Phace Collective

Title: The Fountain Tarot (Mass Market Version)
Author: Jason Gruhl (Author), Jonathan Saiz (Illustrator), Andi Todaro (Designer)
Publisher: Roost Books
Number of Cards: 79
Card Size: Traditional Tarot Size
Where to Purchase: Amazon
Guidebook pages: 104

Top Three Favorite Cards: The Moon, The Queen of Coins, The Tower

My Review:

I first stumbled upon this deck as the self-published version well over a year ago. I tried for a long time to win one of their giveaways but alas, luck wasn't on my side when it came to winning the Fountain Tarot. I continued to follow the progress of these cards because I loved the abstract artwork and the cool, minimal tones. It isn't my typical style of tarot artwork but it is very much aligned with the type of artwork I like to keep in my home. I knew I would eventually get the deck, even if it took a while. 

Then in March, while trolling Amazon for upcoming Tarot and Oracle decks, I stumbled upon the Fountain Tarot. It didn't even have a photo up, just the name, and I pre-ordered it without hesitation. I didn't have a chance to buy the self-published version but the packaging is the same if I remember correctly. It comes in a wonderful sturdy box with a magnetic, side closure. The cards and the book fit nicely inside so everything can be kept together (praise the universe). I will admit, there are two things that irritate me about decks: when they don't come with a guidebook and when the guidebook can't be stored inside the box. Certainly not deal breakers but annoyances all the same. 

The card stock is ok... not good or bad. But again being honest, I don't actually prefer the really thick card stock. I have small hands so I find it hard to shuffle certain decks like the Starchild Tarot Akashic which is pretty thick for my liking. I would compare the card stock to the traditional Rider-Waite deck we all know and love from US Game Systems. With that said, this deck shuffles beautifully. I was able to get a good shuffle right from the start and didn't have to break each card apart from the next like we sometimes have to do. This is especially the case with the gilded decks. This deck is gilded and again, It came apart with ease. 

Speaking of gilding, this deck is silver gilded which is lovely. I only have a handful of other decks that are silver and it makes a welcome change while matching beautifully with the coolness of the deck. The artwork is fluid I would say.... definitely what I consider to be abstract interpretations of the the traditional tarot. The colors are soft and muted with pops of brighter blues, greens and yellows here and there. I had a really hard time narrowing down my favorite cards to three but if I had to pick a top favorite, it would probably be the Tower. It almost looks like a tornado, destroying everything in it's path. It's actually two pyramids stacked on top of each other in a way that a soft wind could easily blow it down. I love the chaos and ominousness of this card (like a true scorpio would) and the gray tones make it seem even more disastrous. My second favorite is definitely the added Fountain card. It was unexpected and I loved the meaning of it. My third would be the Queen of Coins. I also really love the Star, the Ace of Swords, The Five of Cups and The Hermit. 

The Guidebook

The guidebook is small in size so that it can fit inside the box which I really don't mind. I love a big juicy guidebook for sure but sometimes you just want a book that gets straight to the point. Some books have pages and pages per cards which is nice at times but definitely not appropriate for a quick five minute read. It's really important for me to feel the intention of the artist when I first work with a deck so it takes me a while before I put the guidebook away. The book comes with everything you could need: a bit about tarot including a description of the major and minor arcana, a brief explanation of tarot numerology, a little bit about the suits, 3 tarot spreads, forming a daily practice and a sample reading which I find helpful for beginners. 

The descriptions are short and to the point. Just enough for you to get a general sense of the card. There is one key phrase underneath each card title as well as a series of keywords to help you get a better understanding. The reversed meanings are a bit limited. If you're reading with reversals for the first time, I would suggest getting an additional Tarot book to help.

In conclusion, I do like the deck so far. I've pulled a few cards already and some messages were clear while others were not. I plan to work with it a bit more over the Winter. I select my decks by the month and season and this one just scream winter for so I'm waiting until December to dig in more. 

Here are some of my favorite cards:

Review of The Oracle of Echoes


Title: Oracle Of Echoes Divination Cards
Author: Ana Tourian
Publisher: Self- Published
Number of Cards: 50
Card Size: 70mm x 121mm, 2.75" x 4.75"
Where to Purchase: Etsy

Top Three Favorite Cards: Healing, Father Time, The Ancestors

My Review:

I found this deck through Wild Moon Woman on YouTube and fell in love with them instantly. I'm always on the lookout for a new deck that I can use for shadow work and this deck is definitely one I would consider to be perfect for that kind of energy. The cards are a little bit dark but not in a bad or evil way. They're still very comforting and supporting but also help you to figure out your shit. I'll talk more about this in a bit. 

They come in a tuck box which as I've mentioned before, not my jam. But I'm also in the midst of releasing my own deck so I know how expensive it can be to get those really nice boxes. That's why the box will never be a deal breaker for me. With that said, I really do appreciate the extra mile when it comes to packaging but the important part is the deck not the box. There is a guidebook but it's PDF. Again not my favorite but at least there's a guidebook which is better than nothing. 

The cards are just stunning in their own weird, abstract way. I felt connected to the images immediately... something about them reminds me of being inside yourself and trying to make sense of everything you're feeling. Many of the cards cover darker topics like Death, Self-Sabotage and Depression. In fact the first card I pulled from the deck was Fear and I've been pulling the darker cards every since which is fine because I wanted a deck that would make me confront those parts of me I've tried to avoid. But don't worry, there are some really positive cards too like Transformation and Intuition. 

I've been working with these cards since October 1st as my daily pulls and so far, they've been spot on... like crazy accurate. Every card has reflected exactly what I was feeling or going through at the time. Some cards were so accurate that I started crying. The meanings in the guidebook are short but really make a point. I expected some of the darker cards to have a really mean description but they don't. The author was very careful about her words and each card is very supporting. Today I pulled the Death card and I thought "ON NO!!" but I was pleasantly surprised as I've been with all the cards. I give this deck a big thumbs up and will be working with it for quite a while. 

Review of The Universe Has Your Back Cards

The Universe Has Your Back Cards

Title: The Universe Has Your Back Cards
Author: Gabrielle Bernstein, Micaela Ezra
Publisher: Hay House
Number of Cards: 52
Card Size: Traditional Oracle Size
Where to Purchase: Amazon, Hay House

Top Three Favorite Cards: The Presence Of Love Will Always Cast Out Fear; The Universe Has Your Back, I Honor How I Want To Feel; I Recognize That I Have Chosen Fear, And I Choose Again. I Choose Love.

My Review:

I’ve been patiently waiting for these cards for a few months now. I personally love Gabby Bernstein and the messages she’s sending out into the world. I really wanted these cards because upon first glance, I thought she’d finally decided to make an oracle deck. Well I was wrong. This is an affirmations deck, just like her Miracles Now deck. It would be great if this deck were actually an oracle deck but no big deal. Affirmations decks can be used in the same way and I’ve already used them to do the weekly tarot reading on my instagram page. I just felt it important to note for anyone expecting an oracle deck if they were purchase.

Now to the good stuff. The cardstock is sooo good. They’re matte and they shuffle so well. Many card publishers are really stepping it up and I am loving it. The card stock reminds me a lot of the Sacred Creator Deck in terms of strength and feel. The artwork is pretty. It’s very light with mostly muted colors and some pops of deeper shades here and there. Some cards are even darker overall with black and purple backgrounds. All in all, they’re cute. I love how consistent the color palette is. Sometimes cards can be difficult to photo because of the over abundance of colors but I don’t feel that way with this deck. Again, there are some wild cards but not so many that it starts to look like a crayola box.

The messages are positive and uplifting in traditional Gabby fashion. This is not a tell it like it is deck. Rather, it’s a deck you grab when you want love and light. A deck you grab when you want a supporting message and and a peaceful energy. I used it to do readings the weekend of Hurricane IRMA because I felt like everyone need just that kind of positive message. The super fluff decks aren’t my go to choice but I do like to have a few because you sometimes you just need that positive outlook on life. I would recommend this deck to those of you who are just starting out with reading oracle cards. A guidebook is not included.

Here are some of my favorite cards:

Review of My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck

Self-Care Activity Deck


Title: My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck
Author: Anastasia Deja Osbourne
Publisher: Self Published
Number of Cards: 44
Card Size: 62mm x 100mm, 2.45" x 3.95"
Where to Purchase: directly from the Artist here.

Top Three Favorite Cards: Bake, Sensuality and Create

Extra Goodies Included: I purchased this deck through Kickstarter which included an extra muslin bag and 3 post cards which I absolutely loved. I appreciated the bag because the cards come in a tuck box which I accidentally ripped slightly (it never fails. I always find a way to rip the box). The muslin cloth is available for purchase on the author’s site for $10 a bag.

My Review:

Let’s start with what I loved about the cards. The cardstock is just delicious. They’re nice and thick but matte so they’re easy to shuffle. I’m pretty sure this deck can take a lot of wear and tear. What I loved most and why I wanted to purchase is the deck is because of the focus on self-care activities as the name suggests. I’ve been working with this deck for a while now and it’s helped me to focus more on my own self-care. In fact, I’ve come to see just how neglected I’ve been since working with the cards. I chose to have this deck be my first card deck review because one of the first cards I pulled was the “Blog” card. I’ve been wanting to get information up on the blog for the longest and hadn’t put any real efforts towards it until this deck made it clear, blogging and sharing my insights is something I need to do. I expected this deck to be about self-care in terms of taking it easy or going to the spa. I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety of self-care activities. Everything from slowing down to self-development and how self-care can be found in work as well. All in all, this deck is a must for those of you needing to finds ways to make yourself number #1.

My favorite card of all is the Bake card. I love to bake but I’ve been so focused on my business this year that I haven’t really taken the time to do it. Also because my favorite thing in the world to bake is bread and I’ve been trying to limit my gluten intake. But, this card has reminded me how much I enjoy the technicality and skill that goes into baking. So I reached out to my mother about coming up with new, gluten free recipes (see is gluten intolerant). We’ve gotten together to try out new recipes that have helped me not only find self-care through doing something that I love, but also by connecting with someone that I love.

There are two things that I didn’t like about the cards. The first is the size of the cards. I prefer a larger size for oracle decks. The smaller ones tend to bite into my hands a bit. I’m not a hand over hand shuffler so it makes it a little harder for me. They would’ve  been perfect if they were tarot sized, at least in my opinion. The second thing is that it didn’t come with a guidebook. I’m a sucker for a well written guidebook and I have read every guidebook that I have cover to cover. I like to know how the author intended me to use and interpret the cards. It did come with a small, pamphlet but I would’ve loved to see this deck with a book that included spreads and healing rituals for each of the cards. But make no mistake, I’m still getting a lot out of this deck and these two wish list items are by no means a deal breaker for me.