Prayers To Autumn


Dear Autumn. 
I feel your breath of change breathing down my neck,
I hear your whisper of fall but I'm tethered to summer.
My greatest wish is simply to wander
But powerful rays of the sun won't let me go.
Sun God, let me transform;
Let my soul set far beyond the waves of the west.
Let me swim to the depths of my ocean,
Dance on the cold sea floor,
For I am not afraid of darkness. 
I welcome the hugs of my chaos,
I long for the screams in the distance of silence
The Silent distance of fall in September.
Flames built in summer there is much to remember.
My light shined bright,
My soul spoke truths,
But shadows have powers to feed me.
Let me go Summer. 
Have no fear, I will see you again. 
But right now it is Autumn who needs me.