Review of The Universe Has Your Back Cards

The Universe Has Your Back Cards

Title: The Universe Has Your Back Cards
Author: Gabrielle Bernstein, Micaela Ezra
Publisher: Hay House
Number of Cards: 52
Card Size: Traditional Oracle Size
Where to Purchase: Amazon, Hay House

Top Three Favorite Cards: The Presence Of Love Will Always Cast Out Fear; The Universe Has Your Back, I Honor How I Want To Feel; I Recognize That I Have Chosen Fear, And I Choose Again. I Choose Love.

My Review:

I’ve been patiently waiting for these cards for a few months now. I personally love Gabby Bernstein and the messages she’s sending out into the world. I really wanted these cards because upon first glance, I thought she’d finally decided to make an oracle deck. Well I was wrong. This is an affirmations deck, just like her Miracles Now deck. It would be great if this deck were actually an oracle deck but no big deal. Affirmations decks can be used in the same way and I’ve already used them to do the weekly tarot reading on my instagram page. I just felt it important to note for anyone expecting an oracle deck if they were purchase.

Now to the good stuff. The cardstock is sooo good. They’re matte and they shuffle so well. Many card publishers are really stepping it up and I am loving it. The card stock reminds me a lot of the Sacred Creator Deck in terms of strength and feel. The artwork is pretty. It’s very light with mostly muted colors and some pops of deeper shades here and there. Some cards are even darker overall with black and purple backgrounds. All in all, they’re cute. I love how consistent the color palette is. Sometimes cards can be difficult to photo because of the over abundance of colors but I don’t feel that way with this deck. Again, there are some wild cards but not so many that it starts to look like a crayola box.

The messages are positive and uplifting in traditional Gabby fashion. This is not a tell it like it is deck. Rather, it’s a deck you grab when you want love and light. A deck you grab when you want a supporting message and and a peaceful energy. I used it to do readings the weekend of Hurricane IRMA because I felt like everyone need just that kind of positive message. The super fluff decks aren’t my go to choice but I do like to have a few because you sometimes you just need that positive outlook on life. I would recommend this deck to those of you who are just starting out with reading oracle cards. A guidebook is not included.

Here are some of my favorite cards: