Review of My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck

Self-Care Activity Deck


Title: My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck
Author: Anastasia Deja Osbourne
Publisher: Self Published
Number of Cards: 44
Card Size: 62mm x 100mm, 2.45" x 3.95"
Where to Purchase: directly from the Artist here.

Top Three Favorite Cards: Bake, Sensuality and Create

Extra Goodies Included: I purchased this deck through Kickstarter which included an extra muslin bag and 3 post cards which I absolutely loved. I appreciated the bag because the cards come in a tuck box which I accidentally ripped slightly (it never fails. I always find a way to rip the box). The muslin cloth is available for purchase on the author’s site for $10 a bag.

My Review:

Let’s start with what I loved about the cards. The cardstock is just delicious. They’re nice and thick but matte so they’re easy to shuffle. I’m pretty sure this deck can take a lot of wear and tear. What I loved most and why I wanted to purchase is the deck is because of the focus on self-care activities as the name suggests. I’ve been working with this deck for a while now and it’s helped me to focus more on my own self-care. In fact, I’ve come to see just how neglected I’ve been since working with the cards. I chose to have this deck be my first card deck review because one of the first cards I pulled was the “Blog” card. I’ve been wanting to get information up on the blog for the longest and hadn’t put any real efforts towards it until this deck made it clear, blogging and sharing my insights is something I need to do. I expected this deck to be about self-care in terms of taking it easy or going to the spa. I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety of self-care activities. Everything from slowing down to self-development and how self-care can be found in work as well. All in all, this deck is a must for those of you needing to finds ways to make yourself number #1.

My favorite card of all is the Bake card. I love to bake but I’ve been so focused on my business this year that I haven’t really taken the time to do it. Also because my favorite thing in the world to bake is bread and I’ve been trying to limit my gluten intake. But, this card has reminded me how much I enjoy the technicality and skill that goes into baking. So I reached out to my mother about coming up with new, gluten free recipes (see is gluten intolerant). We’ve gotten together to try out new recipes that have helped me not only find self-care through doing something that I love, but also by connecting with someone that I love.

There are two things that I didn’t like about the cards. The first is the size of the cards. I prefer a larger size for oracle decks. The smaller ones tend to bite into my hands a bit. I’m not a hand over hand shuffler so it makes it a little harder for me. They would’ve  been perfect if they were tarot sized, at least in my opinion. The second thing is that it didn’t come with a guidebook. I’m a sucker for a well written guidebook and I have read every guidebook that I have cover to cover. I like to know how the author intended me to use and interpret the cards. It did come with a small, pamphlet but I would’ve loved to see this deck with a book that included spreads and healing rituals for each of the cards. But make no mistake, I’m still getting a lot out of this deck and these two wish list items are by no means a deal breaker for me.