Review of the Native Heart Healing Oracle

Title: The Native Heart Healing Oracle
Subtitle: Sacred Mandalas for Raising your Vibration
Author: Melanie Ware
Publisher: Blue Angel Publishing
Number of Cards: 42
Pages in Guidebook: 95
Card Size: Traditional Oracle Size
Where to PurchaseAmazonBlue Angel

Top Four Favorite Cards: Soul Star Chakra, Self-Discovery, Earth Star Chakra, White Buffalo.

My Review:

I'm going to start by saying that I pretty much buy all of the new decks from Blue Angel, whether I connect with them or not. They consistently turn out the most amazing decks and while I don't always align with the artwork, I almost always align with the messages. The same can be said with the Native Heart Healing cards. I didn't care for the artwork at first. I'm kind of over the whole "abstract mandala" thing. But I ordered it anyway because it's Blue Angel and I knew I'd get something out of it. 

I'm so happy I ordered this deck. First off, the online images don't do the mandalas justice (I felt the same way Alana Fairchild's Crystal Mandala Oracle). The artwork really is quite beautiful in person. There are all of these little details hidden away that leaves so much to be discovered. I love the idea behind the deck. It's a deck for healing the spirit and lifting your vibrations. It's both grounding and etheric which in my opinion is what everyone needs right now... Balance. It draws from Native American tradition and mixes in sacred geometry and chakra energy. 

The cardstock is a bit thinner than usually. Blue Angel's are usually a nice, thick cardstock but this one is slightly flimsy. It isn't bad but it isn't the best I've ever seen. It will probably bend once or twice. The one thing that I didn't like about the artwork is the borders. The sides of the images are cut off by the obnoxiously large borders which is a shame; but of course, not a deal breaker. 

My favorite thing about these cards are the chakra cards. I love the addition of the Soul Start and Earth Start chakras. You don't see those chakras being talked about much but I feel as though they are more important than the other 7. The Soul Star & Earth Star chakras take you beyond the traditional energy centers to help you rise and ground respectively. These cards were unexpected and I didn't even realize how much I needed this energy in my life at this moment. I plan to use them together for deep meditation which brings me to one more thing to note. Each card includes a short meditation. I've tried two so far and so far so good. I can't wait to go through all of them. 

I think these cards are ideal for anyone wanting to work higher vibrations or energy work in general. I've always seen the Native American  tradition as very grounded because of the deep connection to the Earth. But these cards have opened my eyes to the cosmic energy of the Native American tradition that I am happy to explore. I would recommend these cards to anyone who wants to go beyond the traditional Four Directions and Animal Energy. Those are there too but there is so much more to explore.