Review of The Oracle of Echoes


Title: Oracle Of Echoes Divination Cards
Author: Ana Tourian
Publisher: Self- Published
Number of Cards: 50
Card Size: 70mm x 121mm, 2.75" x 4.75"
Where to Purchase: Etsy

Top Three Favorite Cards: Healing, Father Time, The Ancestors

My Review:

I found this deck through Wild Moon Woman on YouTube and fell in love with them instantly. I'm always on the lookout for a new deck that I can use for shadow work and this deck is definitely one I would consider to be perfect for that kind of energy. The cards are a little bit dark but not in a bad or evil way. They're still very comforting and supporting but also help you to figure out your shit. I'll talk more about this in a bit. 

They come in a tuck box which as I've mentioned before, not my jam. But I'm also in the midst of releasing my own deck so I know how expensive it can be to get those really nice boxes. That's why the box will never be a deal breaker for me. With that said, I really do appreciate the extra mile when it comes to packaging but the important part is the deck not the box. There is a guidebook but it's PDF. Again not my favorite but at least there's a guidebook which is better than nothing. 

The cards are just stunning in their own weird, abstract way. I felt connected to the images immediately... something about them reminds me of being inside yourself and trying to make sense of everything you're feeling. Many of the cards cover darker topics like Death, Self-Sabotage and Depression. In fact the first card I pulled from the deck was Fear and I've been pulling the darker cards every since which is fine because I wanted a deck that would make me confront those parts of me I've tried to avoid. But don't worry, there are some really positive cards too like Transformation and Intuition. 

I've been working with these cards since October 1st as my daily pulls and so far, they've been spot on... like crazy accurate. Every card has reflected exactly what I was feeling or going through at the time. Some cards were so accurate that I started crying. The meanings in the guidebook are short but really make a point. I expected some of the darker cards to have a really mean description but they don't. The author was very careful about her words and each card is very supporting. Today I pulled the Death card and I thought "ON NO!!" but I was pleasantly surprised as I've been with all the cards. I give this deck a big thumbs up and will be working with it for quite a while.