Review of Postcards From Spirit


Title: Postcards From Spirit: A 52 Card Oracle Deck
Author: Colette Baron-Reid
Publisher: Hay House Lifestyles
Number of Cards: 52
Card Size: Traditional Postcard Size
Where to PurchaseAmazon

My Review:

Let me start by saying how much I Love Colette Baron - Reid's oracle decks. She always brings something new and unexpected to her decks which I have come to anticipate every time I purchase a new offering. It's never what I imagined but always exactly what I need. This deck certainly did not disappoint when it comes to thinking outside of the oracle deck box. It's a completely new way to work with oracle cards but I'm not sure if I love it just yet. 

The box is a two piece box that opens at the top. The cards are a bit larger than a normal oracle deck. They're actually the same size as actual postcards which is interesting. I wasn't expecting that at all. The listing didn't have preview photos of the cards so I wasn't sure how much they would resemble a postcard. They even have images of stamps on the front which is pretty cute. They remind me very much of the mixed media craze which I personally love. 

There isn't a guidebook. You may have read in previous posts how much I hate for a deck to be absent a guidebook but in this case, I don't mind. There really isn't a place for one because of how the system works. There is a small pamphlet that explains how the author came up with this idea and how to work with the deck. Be sure to read that part if you get the deck because I think it's really helpful.

Ok, for the cards themselves. I couldn't find any clear titles for the cards. Traditionally you have titles like "Abundance" or "Healing". I thought the titles were on the front of the cards but after going through them, I realized many of those titles were repeated. Then I thought the titles were the closing statements on the back only to find many of those are repeated too. It seems as though these cards aren't meant to have a clear title which is way I didn't include a favorite 3. I wouldn't know how to tell you which ones they are. 

The messages all begin with something like "Dear You". Some say "Dearest", some say "Dear Wonderful You" and so on. The messages are exactly like if a loved one were to drop a postcard in the mail from some far away land. Each message is encouraging and there's a great emphasis on how much spirit is supporting you. I very much felt as though I was reading a message from a passed loved one or spirit guide every time I pulled a card. This deck isn't really meant to do spreads with. I suppose you could but I think they'd best be served as  daily pull cards which I plan to use them as such come the start of November. I'm also going to use them in workshops. I think they would be perfect in a group setting.