Summer Solstice Correspondences


Summer Solstice Correspondences
Aka. Midsummer. Litha

Themes and Areas of Focus


Aestas, The roman personification of summer.

Apollo, Greek god the sun, healing, truth and prophecy.

Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, beauty and pleasure.

Astarte, Greek goddess of fertility, sexuality and war.

Aurora, roman goddess of the dawn and poetry.

Baldur, Norse god of light and purity.

Bast, Egyptian goddess of joy, dance, cats and music.

Bel, Celtic God of the sunlight, health and healing.

Brigit, Irish goddess known as the “bright one”.

Freya, Norse goddess of love, sex, fertility, beauty and gold.

Gaia, Greek personification of Earth.

Helios, Greek personification of the sun.

Hestia, greek virgin goddess of the hearth, domesticity, family and the home.

Huitzilopochtli, Aztec god of war and the sun.

Ishtar, Mesopotamian goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility.

Ra, Egyptian God of the sun.

Sol, Roman god of the sun.

Vesta, Roman god of the home, hearth and family.

Yemaya, Yoruban goddess of the ocean and mother to all.

Herbs, Flowers and Trees

Chamomile - for healing, meditation and reducing stress. Also, used in prosperity magic to increase wealth and to decrease anxiousness about wealth. Often added to love sachets.

Chickweed - For all things related to fertility and love magic. Carry to attract love or to cement a current relationship.

Chicory - promotes optimism, hope and removes obstacles. Burn as an incense to encourage others to do your bidding or to act in your favor.

Cinnamon - power strength, prosperity and attraction. Can be worn to increase passion or used as an incense to increase prosperity and wealth.

Elder - protection for home and business, for home blessings and protection against negativity and the evil eye.

Heather - promotes peace, good luck and protection (especially for women). Protects against the attention of unwanted eyes and makes one aware of danger.

Honeysuckle - Key ingredient in money magic. Brings success, fast cash and confidence in all your endeavors.

Lavender - love, purity, protection and peace.

Marigold - attracts admiration and finding new love. For favorable outcomes in legal matters as well as helping wishes come true. Holds the energy of the sun.

Meadowsweet - increases luck, promote friendship, harmony, love and peace.

Mugwort - a powerful aphrodisiac that encourages lust, passion and fertility. Used for divination, scyring and prophetic dreams. Also, for spirit communication.

Rosemary - for health, love spells, purity and removing negative energy.

Rowan - Used for success and luck magic. Usually used to make wands and divination wands.

St. John's Wort - for health and vitality, banishing evil spirits and for courage.

Vervain - abundance magic, protection, purity and increased creativity.

Yarrow - for healing, handfastings, promoting courage, psychic opening and warding off evil.

Crystals and Metals

Amber - eliminates fears by protecting one from harm and creating a sense of safety and comfort. Promotes wellness, strength and is a stand of beauty and lasting love.

Calcite - increases other energies, centers and promotes inner spiritual peace. An ideal stone for channeling and working on astral planes. Work with calcite for clarity.

Carnelian - for increasing energy and attracting good luck. A fertility stone for consummating marriage and increasing chances of conceiving. Boosts confidence and attractiveness.

Citrine - abundance, joy, solar energy, manifesting and psychic awareness.

Clear quartz - a master healer, clear quartz guides you to the things you need most at this time. It increases the energy of anything it is placed with and clears negative energy from other crystals, tools and people.

Copper - a conductor for other energies, protecting, healing and stimulating. It encourages luck and increases wealth.

Diamond - a symbol of strength and courage. Promotes healing and protection from negative energy. A common stone for marriage and commitment.

Gold - Holds the energy of the sun and the divine masculine. Clears out negative energy and promotes healing of the mind body and spirit. Also, used as a manifestation and wealth mineral.

Jade - a healing stone that promotes vitality and longevity. It increases wisdom, especially in money matters and promotes good luck.

Peridot - regulates cycles in one’s life and helps one to overcome self-defeating habits.

Sunstone  - an abundance stone that encourages independence and unexpected sources of income. A great stone choice for working with sun gods and goddesses.

Tiger eye - a stone for increasing luck, good fortune and wealth. It increases energy and wisdom giving one a better chance to achieve their goals.

Yellow topaz - elevates one’s status in life and increases one’s ability to achieve their goal. It recharges one’s energy in both spiritual and physical terms.


Bees - a symbol for passing limitations and accomplishing the impossible. Finding the sweetness in life and basking in sunshine energy. A symbol of fertility and increase.

Butterflies - the ultimate symbol of transformation and transition. It represents a new beginning in life and leaving behind what was once familiar.

Cow/bull - the cow represent female energy and nourishment. The bull is the male counterpart to the cow and the two of them together represents fertility and a bringing together of the masculine and feminine, the God and the Goddess.

Hawks - a symbol of power and protection. A guide for finding your higher purpose and being more aware of the spiritual presence around you.

Eagle - a symbol of soaring to new heights, expansion and creative force and inspiration.

Horse - a symbol of victory and power. Call on horse to encourage confidence, to find grace and to feel more regal.

Essential Oils and Incense


Tarot Card Associations

The Sun


The Emperor

The Empress

King and Queen of Wands

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Taurus Energy


April 20 - May 20
Element: Earth
Symbol: The Bull
Planet: Venus
Quality: Fixed

Alright, Taurus, it's your turn but for everyone else, remember that you do not have to be a Taurus to benefit from its energy. Each sign has a role to play & something to teach so it's a good idea to get to know them all.

Taurus energy is really good at getting things done & has no problem with taking it's time to make sure it's done correctly. The problem is that Taurus needs to believe you're worthy before taking a chance on a person, situation, or idea. Everything/ everyone IS NOT going to make the cut & Taurus will often keep two or three back-up plans (yes, even back-up relationships) just to make sure they get what they want. But, like the Bull who rules Taurus, once a Taurus commits, it will put every drop of energy it has into making it work.

Taurus' ruling planet is Venus & it rules the second house of money, material possessions, & physical environment. That means Taurus loves the finer things in life. Their idea of a good time is shopping for antiques to fill million dollar homes or traveling with world-class accommodations. They expect the best but they also work REALLY hard to afford these luxuries. Taurus energy is both lazy & amped up and they are constantly dancing back & forth between the two extremes.

Now being an earth sign, Taurus is extremely grounded. One might say too grounded. In fact, so grounded, they are often stubborn to a fault & downright lazy. Getting them going when they aren't motivated to do something is like trying to move a mountain. But their need to thoroughly access things & their abilities to be patient & slow down to get things right is the very things that make them such excellent builders.

Taurus teaches us to slow down & to explore all avenues before making a commitment. Taurus also teaches us to be patient with our goals. As the saying goes, better to measure twice & cut once. Additionally, their need for the finer life pushes them to build strong foundations & stability. In a nutshell, Taurus teaches us how to set & obtain goals: through understanding, commitment, diligence, only going after what you truly want, and always keeping the endgame in mind.

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