Spirit Element (Ether)

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The Spirit Element also known as the fifth element, Ether, Aether, and the Akasha is the presence of energy found within all things, people, time and space. It is the connection between all that is, was or ever will be and is the foundation for all other elements to exist. It represents the connectedness and balance that must be maintained throughout the universe. Above all else, it represents the human spirit and the ability to transcend all physical suffering and sadness. And now, it is the very heart of my business.


My vision for Spirit Element is to provide the knowledge, tools, and encouragement to discover the presence of spirit within yourself and your environment. Spiritual wellness and intelligence are not things that can only be accessed through intense meditation, ritual, or spiritual practice. The element of spirit is present within all things. It’s in the clothes you wear, the foods you eat, the people you meet, and everything you see. It doesn’t matter if it’s processed by man or processed by nature. It is all born from something that comes from the natural world.


My entire life shifted the moment I began to acknowledge the spiritual essence within everything around me. Clothes became more than fabric. Decor more than pretty things. My beauty routine became more than repetitious actions. Everything I did and every word I said became an expression of my spiritual essence. Furthermore, it became a point of access to the spiritual intelligence here on earth.


Spirit Element is more than a brand; it’s a lifestyle. Here, I provide the means to help you learn to sense and understand your unique energy and the energy surrounding you. I’ve combined elements of shamanism, witchcraft, metaphysically, astrology, tarot, and several more of the world’s energetic practices to create a brand that focuses on a holistic approach to spiritual, and therefore, physical well-being. Think of it as Feng-shui for your entire life.


I believe that our physical experience is a reflection of our inner landscapes. That one influences the other.  That the wellness of the mind, body, and soul requires a holistic approach. Meaning, we must find our truth and express it, not just in our personality but, through our home, manner of dress and overall style.


But also, that we can create a new truth, just by changing how we dress, eat, nourish, commit to self-care,  and live. Through simple actions such as everyday mindfulness, self-care rituals and creating an environment based on self-expression of who we are as well who we wish to become; I believe we can indeed find inner peace, happiness, abundance, and well-being.


Welcome to Spirit Element.




 My Story

In 2008, I found myself depressed, unhealthy and living a life that had nothing to do with who I truly am. I couldn’t tell you what prompted a simple internet search but one day, I woke up and decided I needed a change.

I started with wanting to change my hair. That isn’t some glorious epiphany or life-altering experience but years of wearing and extensions and dying my hair seemed like a mask I used to hide from the world. I decided to quickly search natural ways to heal hair and stumbled upon coconut oil. At the time, there were so few places to purchase coconut oil. It wasn’t readily available at every major market like it is today. So I did some online research and ordered my first jar.

I was so excited the day it arrived and I remember covering my hair with nearly the whole jar and leaving in until overnight. I washed it out the next day and my hair did a complete 180. It was like getting a completely new head of hair in just one night. I was so impressed and I thought, if this oil could do this much, I wonder if there are other oils that could do the same. So I went back online and discovered an entire world of oils called aromatherapy. I didn’t know it at the time but that 8 oz jar of coconut oil changed my life and sent me on a decade long journey to discovering the inspiring worlds of alternative health and spirituality.

Along the way, I’ve learned and studied herbalism, Astro-herbalism, crystal healing, shamanism, meditation, paganism, tarot, and astrology. I learned the value of using the senses: hearing, smell, sight, touch, and taste to enhance well-being and mental clarity. It didn’t take long for me to became the go-to person among my family and friends for all things well-being of the mind, body, and soul. Then one day, much like before, I woke up and decided I needed another change. I was longer content to share my knowledge with a small circle of those closest to me. I felt called to serve a higher purpose and to bring my knowledge, passion, and experience to the world.

A few years ago, I set out to start a spiritual apothecary and lifestyle brand. I wanted this brand to be three simple things: sensual, intentional, and magical. Today, that brand has morphed into Spirit Element, well-being for the mind, body, and soul.