For many years, I struggled to combine my love of fashion, artistic food and home decor with my love and deep need for spiritual exploration and development. I thought wanting fashionable clothes would diminish my spiritual progress. And that I couldn’t enjoy foods such as meat or alcohol; fearing I’d ruin my energetic vibration. 


Shifting My Consciousness

This idea began to shift when I started doing some deep work with the false beliefs I had surrounding money. While in meditation, I was guided to see myself 8 years into the future. I saw myself working with fine fabrics, designs and luxurious embellishments. The thing was, I’d already started Spirit Element as an apothecary that was doing pretty well but had nothing to do with fabric or luxury. So I sought out the advice of a dear friend and mentor. This reincarnation of Spirit Element is a result of following that little leaf and finding a piece of myself, I didn’t even know was missing.


Ether On Earth

The element of spirit is present within all things. It’s in the clothes you wear, the foods you eat, the people you meet, and everything you see. It doesn’t matter if it’s processed by man or processed by nature. It is all born from something that comes from the natural world. My entire life shifted the moment I began to acknowledge the spiritual essence within everything around me. Clothes became more than fabric. Decor more than pretty things. My beauty routine became more than a series repetitious actions. Everything I did and every word I said became an expression of my spiritual essence. Furthermore, it became a point of access to the spiritual intelligence here on earth. 


My Mission

Spirit Element  is a multifaceted brand that brings together looking good, feeling good and, feeling good about the environment in which you live. It’s a holistic approach to well-being. Think of it as Feng-shui for your entire life. It is my belief that our physical experience is a reflection of our inner landscapes. That one influences the other. You can find peace and happiness by changing the way you think. But also, that you change the way you think by changing the way you dress, eat, nourish and live. 

Welcome To Spirit Element!

Lola, Founder